• how to create paypal account

    How to create a Paypal Account

    Today lets take a look at how to sign up for a paypal account for your business. This process is fairly simple and easy, and will allow you to offfer Paypal as a payment method for your online customers.

  • 10 Free Fonts Website

    10 best free Fonts for your website

    On our last post, we have shown how to create a logo with a very simple tool. The visual impact of a business is always quite important since it is the first the that the majority of the people pay attention to.

  • 5 Steps to Create a Logo

    5 Steps to Create a Logo

    Every company needs to have an image that existing customers or potential customers can get identified with. That image normally comes under that logo.

  • 15 Tips to bring traffic to your website with Pinterest

    15 Tips to Bring Traffic to your website with Pinterest

    One of the trendiest Social Platforms nowadays is Pinterest, and did you know that Pinterest can bring a lot of traffic to your website?

  • How to create a company page on Linkedin

    How to create a company page on linkedin

    If you have created a profile on Linkedin you surely know that is a really useful network. Either to promote your career or applying for a job. But do you know how to get the most of Linkedin for your company?

  • How to get more comments on your blog

    How to get more comments on your blog

    How to start a Blog and get more comments? Hang on this post and master your blogging art. If you apply these tricks you will get more comments and increase the number of followers as well.

  • video marketing

    10 best online video creators

    In recent weeks I´ve tried to show you how useful is the video format to promote yourself on internet and I spoke about creating a youtube account plus mentioning the keys to video marketing online. This week I’d like to show you different video editors (both offline and online) in order to make you editing your own files...

  • video marketing

    4 keys to online video marketing

    Last week I´ve showed you how to create a YouTube account for this online platform and host videos to promote your ideas. If you´ve already uploaded a video to both this platform and your website… I’ve reached something interesting and you are exponentially improving your chances!

  • Crear youtube

    How to create a Youtube account?

    If you are into networks, surely you’ve ever shared a video with something that caught your attention. The power of images in motion is so amazing that you have more information in only 1 and a half minutes than dozens of written pages. And if you’ve shared a video you certainly will know the top one platform for online videos: Youtube.

  • How to create an account on twitter

    How to create a profile on twitter?

    ¿Do you have a Twitter account? ¿Are you into hashtags? If don´t… I´ll show you how to create a Twitter account at a glance and make you “tweeting” as much as celebrities. Millions of people and companies use this social network to express in few words what they´re doing or feeling “engagement” with their public.

  • 7 tips to choice your domain

    7 tips to choose your domain

    Have you ever planned on buying a domain for your website? It´s an “in depth” question you should afford. Use these keys to find your´s easily and make people rememeber your domain.

  • images-quality

    Keys to have images with quality

    Images make your website a real focus and attention captivator. You only need some clues to squeeze them and extract all of their potential. Do respect bytes, pixels and use image editors to tune up contrast, brightness or even apply weird effects whenever you need.

  • Inside Mobsyte's Editor

    Inside Mobsyte's Editor

    We have a simple web page editor that lets you create amazing web pages. But … Do we know all that’s in it? This pill will help you learn the usefulness of this tool and of course it will increase your appetite for options.

  • optimize

    How to optimize your website

    Creating a website is not just design it, you have to try all the options offered by the editor. If you have already made your ideas clear on paper, it’s time to move on to execute. In learning this new pill I’ll show you that launching your website is very simple. Interested?

  • Want to create a website?

    Want to create a website?

    Have you ever considering to create your own website? Sure you are expecting it´s gonna be difficult and take a lot of time. With this learning pill I will show you that is very easy if you follow the right steps.

  • 6 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website

    6 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website

    Understand why your visitors are leaving your website just now. Loading too slow, misplaced audio or video plus poor design may ruin your perspectives. If you want to reduce the number of loses, here are 6 reasons to find weaknesses in your website and avoid them.

  • 11 mistakes that people make when creating websites

    11 mistakes that people make when creating websites

    In the world that we live in today, first impressions are very important. Your website acts as a reflection of you and your business, so it is only right that it is properly constructed. A while ago, I visited the website of a small but prominent company that I occasionally frequent.

  • Why your business needs a good website

    Why your business needs a good website

    Creating a website today is simple and inexpensive. Making a website that is good on the other hand is not as easy. There have been numerous situations where businesses have lost out on potential customers because of the poor quality of their websites. In this day and age, having a website is essential. The best way to find a business is by looking it up online. These are a few reasons why your business needs a good website.

  • Create a blog the best tool to generate contents

    Create a blog, the best tool to generate contents

    Content marketing is gaining strength. For those unfamiliar with this term, content marketing consists in providing quality and useful information to your audience. Google rewards those contents that are best for your public. But what is the most appropriate place to provide this information? Generally the web and specifically an excellent tool inside your web is the blog.

  • websyte google

    Steps to add your website to Google

    So much effort to have a website so that Google does not know it exists? Sounds like buying a Lamborghini and not taking out of the garage, right? Well! If you wish that people know you, you need that Google starts to be aware of your website.

  • Basic tips to choose your partners

    Basic tips to choose your partners

    Within the entire business model diagram, also known as canvas , you have to consider partners you associate with to deliver your value proposition to your customers. What types of partners have to be aware of?

  • The essential steps to know if your product works

    The essential steps to know if your product works

    Do you have a business and you don’t get a sale?, do you have and idea and you want to know if it works? These are lot of questions that entrepreneurs do when they want to launch or enhance their business. In most of the situations, they have a hypothesis. For example, in the situation of Groupon that sell promotions and disccounts of company services and products. Your customers really want to buy coupons? The first step is to know your customers and know if it exists a need for their part. For this you can make a first validation, it means to know if your customers would buy a coupon. In the situation of Groupon was easy, they look for the nearest pizza joint, they print a coupons and distribute them in the neighborhood. It was a complete success. This validation test is known as “minimal viable product”, they demonstrate that offering promotions to customer can work. The minimum viable product in this case was very easy and fast to validate.

  • Marketing can be funny

    If you are a startup, an entrepreneur or you love marketing and you are bored of typical things, here is your blog, a different one where things can be really funny. First a little presentation. I’m Alejandro Sánchez Acosta, I’m the founder of Mobsyte and with the help of a wonderful team, we have created an incredible service to create awesome mobile sites so business can engage their customers. I studied Computer Engineering, an Executive MBA in EAE and I have been founded in the latest 7 years several startups in Spain. Now we are moving to USA and one of our goals is attracting 1 million of registered users in one year.